It’s all about finding what makes you happy, and doing that as much as you can. “

Brian Bucholtz

A soldier, business owner, personal trainer and internationally renowned crossfit coach.  Brian Bucholtz has been many things and is ever looking forward. 

After years in the Australian army and 4 active deployments, Brian reached a sudden turning point during a field exercise.  He received this internal message loud and clear, knowing then that his heart was not in it anymore.  As fast as he could surrender to this abrupt realization, a new path opened up.  He was presented with, and took, an opportunity to be a personal trainer through his local gym. 

Then came Crossfit.  Through Crossfit he has founded his own Gym/Box with his wife Brooke and risen to coach on the international stage.  His gym is credit to him with a small yet staunch and loyal membership working together towards a shared goal or physical fitness.  And with physical fitness comes mental fitness, pride and inner strength.

This conversation is not about Crossfit.  This conversation is about what motivates us and how we can seek to calm the internal and external noise.  To me, Brian is my main motivator and my voice of reason (with the exception of my wife, of course).  When I get stuck deep in the hole Brian never stops trying to dig me out, get me back on my feet and moving again.  I must say I don’t always live up to his expectations of me. 

We all know the benefits of physical exercise and we all struggle with putting our best laid plans into motion.  Brian seems to do it with ease, often turning up to the gym in the morning having already been for a surf.  And for Brian, surfing is where it is at.

To me, Brian is an ever positive force, a stalwart and a rock.  This conversation is about that positive force and how and why he does what he does. 

Basically, I’d like to be more like Brian.

I hope you enjoy our conversation.



Summary of topics covered:

  • Positive Leadership
  • Getting started and overcoming barriers
  • The principles of training and fitness
  •  Managing tough times
  • The money trap and balance
  • Turning points and seeking a positive path
  • How helping others helps us
  • Surfing and exercise as meditation

I am looking forward to comments and suggestions to make this better for us all.

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